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Apr 12

Advice for Couples to Improve Chances Of Pregnancy

We are committed to helping each couple optimize their chances for pregnancy in each treatment cycle. We understand that treatment of infertility can be both costly and emotionally stressful. Preparing for the stresses associated with treatment of infertility before starting ovarian stimulation has been shown to improve a couple’s chance of becoming pregnant. Additionally, studies have shown that certain environmental exposures and lifestyle habits may decrease fertility. To optimize each couple’s chance for success, we recommend the following.

  • Heat is damaging to sperm. The temperature of the testis should be 2c less than the body temperature. Wash the testicles in cold water 2-3 times daily.

  • Loose fitting pants and boxer shorts may be beneficial if you work or exercise in a warm environment or if you sit for prolonged periods, avoid nylon or wool underwear and use cotton underwear.

  • Avoid drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases male fertility, it also affects the sexual performance of the man ( through affecting androgen level )

  • Smoking decreases male fertility and may lower the number of fertilized eggs. Attempt to stop smoking, if possible, if you cannot stop smoking, attempt to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

  • Abstinence for long periods results in increasing the number of old sperms in the semen. Consequently decreasing the number of sperms with ability to fertilize an egg, we advice having intercourse every 3 days at least.

  • When a man is affected by a disease, however simple such as tonsilitis, it could result in lowering his sperm count consequently his sperms ability to fertilize. Semen tests should be repeated in such cases. Infections affecting the genitals could affect the sperm count, for example infections of the Epididymis or the Vase deferens could cause its blockage, testicular infection ( orchitis ) results in the same outcome. If you feel any symptoms however mild consult your doctor. Some medicines affect the production of sperms and reduce the sperm count, consult your doctor if you are taking any medication.

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals such as being produced by factories. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy affects sperm production, consult your doctor if you are using any medicine herbs, as it may interact with what the doctor prescribe for you.

General advices after IVF

Have you just finished a cycle of IVFICSI or IUI? Waiting for the pregnancy test?

Remember that, although you don’t have to do anything else until the test, an embryo is growing in your uterus and will try to implant. We want this embryo to have the maximum possibility, so as not to waste money, resources, hope or time.


 Ten rules to help you increase your chances of pregnancy in this period

1. Don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
2. Don’t go out in the sun, rain or wind for long periods.
3. Don’t lift heavy objects, perform hard work or stressful work.
4. Eat regularly, drink lots of water.
5. Try to rest as much as possible.
6. Take the medications prescribe by your gynecologist in the time intervals suggested.
7. Avoid sex.
8. If you have children, get your husband to look after them a little more in order not to tire yourself.
9. If you fall ill during the period, go to bed immediately and rest well.
10. Don’t wear tight trouser or other clothing that may stress the uterus.
 In general, the following guidelines are offered

1. No tub baths or swimming for 48 hours after transfer.
2. No douching [vaginal].
3. No tampons.
4. No intercourse or orgasms until the fetal heartbeat is seen on ultrasound, or the pregnancy test is negative.
5. No jogging, aerobics, tennis, skiing, mountain climbing, etc.
6. Do not begin any new physical activity.
7. Do not take any non-prescription medications or other prescribed medications without the approval of the IVF team.
8. No heavy lifting.
9. You may return to “work” after 4 days.
10. Try to keep busy; remaining mentally distracted will help the ten to twelve days pass easier.

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