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Dr. Anastastios Argyriou

Dr. Anastastios ArgyriouClinical Embryologist, Francophone Patient Coordinator

After supporting his PhD Thesis in 1988, in the study of the mechanisms which control the normal function of the male reproductive system, Dr Argyriou had the opportunity to work in the large field of the infertility in human as a Senior Clinical Embryologist, by showing a high respect for the dignity of the couples and aiming to the realization of their dream to have a healthy child. We are sure that the result of this collaboration either at the human level or at the scientific one, will offer the possibility to the couples with different problems of infertility, to use the accumulative knowledge and the experience of our team, and to us, to try to become better in order to find the best solutions for the couples in their try to feel the warm feeling of being parents…

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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cycle with own gametes from 1300€

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