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Apr 28

Egg Donations

Apr 12

Age Fertility

The number of couples in their late 30s and 40s searching for pregnancy is constantly growing. Currently 25% of patients of the Mediterranean Fertility Institute & Genetic Services are over 40. Nowadays it is common to delay starting a family for a number of reasons: second relationships, career and educational demands, desire for financial stability, […]

Apr 12

Psychological Impact of IVF Treatment

An IVF treatment can create additional stress to couples that may have already endured multiple disappointments. There is no question that IVF can be both physically and emotionally difficult for a number of reasons. For some, it may be the last step towards achieving a biological child. For others, an IVF cycle may disrupt work and daily […]

Apr 12

Pregnancy Counceling

In MFCGS Chania you will be completely satisfied with the professional approach and personalized attention you will receive from our pregnancy counseling services. We will ensure within our doctors and staff you will find our sincere counseling support. Apart from the centre gynecologist Dr. Ioannis Giakoumakis, who is the clinical director, you can request support from […]

Apr 12

Advice for Couples to Improve Chances Of Pregnancy

We are committed to helping each couple optimize their chances for pregnancy in each treatment cycle. We understand that treatment of infertility can be both costly and emotionally stressful. Preparing for the stresses associated with treatment of infertility before starting ovarian stimulation has been shown to improve a couple’s chance of becoming pregnant. Additionally, studies […]

Apr 12

Surrogacy Greece

Mediterranean Fertility Institute and Surrogacy, Greece Our institute prides itself in being amongst the few fertility institutes in the world which perform all aspects of surrogacy. Dr. Ioannis Giakoumakis and his team are experienced in helping patients in need of surrogacy treatment. Below you may find some information about surrogacy. If you have any queries […]

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