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Apr 12

Coculture for Embryo cumulus cells


The technique is quite new. The cumulus cells are the cells which are all around the eggs of a woman. These are the source of nutrients that are necessary for the egg growth factors. It is the eggs protection as it heads to the uterus.

These cells are very tightly connected to the eggs and when eggs are collected from a woman, these cells are also gathered. ICSI need to be used when eggs are being fertilized, the cells are actually removed but are not discarded. They are washed and incubated within a culture medium which is nutritious so that theirproliferation can be stimulated. In this medium, the cells actually grow connection dendrites. These inter-connect in the culture dish bottom. Here the co-culture of embryo cumulus cells are used for placement of own embryos, growth factors and extra nutrients are received.

Many improvements to the system of embryo culture have been made; the embryos do not receive all the nutrients that are necessary for development such as amino acids, sugars and many other factors that are available to the embryo when natural fertilization is done. By the use of the co-culture of embryo cumulus cells into the set program, the embryo is receiving some sort of help like nature does with normal fertilization.


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