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Apr 12

IVf Natural Cycle | Oocyte In Vitro Maturation

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    Oocyte in vitro maturation and the natural cycle are used as alternatives where the IVF is considered as old method. This is most especially in patients who have a risk of the hyper stimulation ovarian syndrome which may or may not be combined with an ovarian reserve which is poor. It is also an option when a patient has PCO. Oocyte in vitro maturation and the natural cycle are considered as an alternative which so economic and social alternative because of the cost financially when the medication is excluded. It is an alternative to ART.

    The maturation program that we offer focuses on the patients who have polycystic syndrome and those that are below 35 and with parameters of sperm that are considered good.

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    In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cycle with own gametes from 1300€

    Gametes Donation from 2600€

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