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Apr 12

Psychological Impact of IVF Treatment

An IVF treatment can create additional stress to couples that may have already endured multiple disappointments. There is no question that IVF can be both physically and emotionally difficult for a number of reasons. For some, it may be the last step towards achieving a biological child. For others, an IVF cycle may disrupt work and daily schedules.

In the midst of this, couples want to realistically confront the odds for success while remaining optimistic enough to endure a regimented treatment program. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these stresses and make the process a positive experience. Research studies have shown that couples that know what to expect can endure better these processes and use their own natural skills to their best advantage. Our centre collaborates with a specialized psychologist-psychotherapist that can help you cope with the difficulties of this special procedure.

The following strategies can assist you during this time period.

  • Become well informed about IVF. Understanding the process and knowing what to expect during each step will lessen your anxiety about the procedure.

  • Be realistic about your expectations.

  • If pregnancy does not occur, a cycle will still contribute valuable information which can assist in planning a subsequent treatment.

  • Set limitations and make decisions cooperatively with your partner.

  • Make crucial decisions on time.

  • Discuss your feelings about emotional issues such as cryopreservation, the use of donor semen or oocytes and the number of cycles you would consider, with friends or family members you wish to include in your confidence. Ask for emotional support from these friends or family members and talk about your feelings.

  • Keep life simple. Plan activities that are entertaining and relaxing.

  • Bring familiar items from home if you are staying in a hotel.

  • We strongly suggest you see a counselor experienced in working with infertile couples prior to beginning this process. Our counselors can talk with you about the stresses involved with infertility and treatment for fertility. They are able to suggest ways to cope with those stresses and are there for you during this stressful period.

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